10 Ways to Overcome Gymtimidation

Are you intimidated of setting foot into the gym? You’re not alone! Gymtimidation is a very common feeling that people suffer from which deters them from going to the gym. If you are scared of going to the gym because you are a beginner, or you are self-conscious because you took a long break and you need to get back on track, here are 10 Ways to Overcome Gymtimidation and hit the ground running – literally!

  1. Wear comfortable clothing

First and foremost, remember that the gym is a place where people go to sweat. Wear something loose and breathable clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Not too tight, not too revealing, just practical! “Recommendations for Workout Apparel”.


  1. Put on a baseball cap

A baseball cap is the oldest trick in the book. First of all you don’t need to deal with your hair, you can plop on a baseball cap onto whatever hair situation you are dealing with and hit the gym. Secondly, if you pull the cap right above your eyes, it gives you tunnel vision so it’s easier to zone into your workout and look forward instead of worrying about everything around you, and feeling self-conscious thinking people are looking at you.


  1. Wear noise-cancelling headphones

Pairing a baseball cap with noise-cancelling headphones is like buying a ticket to Never Never Land. You enter a new universe. You can’t hear anything, you can’t see anything, you feel like you are in a secure incognito little shell where you are untouchable and unrecognizable and nothing matters besides your workout. I personally love the Beats Studio Wireless Headphones so you are completely in the zone and don’t need to deal with wires while flailing your arms around.


  1. Wear a big hoodie

There are several ways to wear a hoodie. Over your body like a regular human, over your body with the hood up, or by tying it around your waist to cover your butt. For the ladies, I generally recommend tying it around your waist to cover your butt because as a beginner you will learn that in order to have proper form on most exercises you need to stick your butt out or squeeze your glutes until they look ugly. Wearing your hoodie around your waist gives you a shield between your butt and the universe.


  1. Ask for a free orientation

Most big gyms like GoodLife Fitness in Canada offer free orientations to quickly show members around the gym and how to use some of the equipment. GoodLife Fitness has a 20-minute Fit Fix circuit that they can guide you through. They also provide pre-filled and blank worksheets at the front desk that you can ask for in order to keep track of your exercises and weights that you are using. Never be shy to ask the gym staff for help with any given machine, that is what they are there for!


  1. Take a class

Classes are an easy way to ease into the gym scene. You simply show up, let the instructor guide you through the workout and focus on getting it done at your own pace. Some gyms offer free classes like Indoor Cycling (Spin), Yoga, Step Aerobics, BodyPump, Zumba, Pilates and many more.


  1. Keep your gaze forward and zone out

Try to focus on yourself at the gym. Look forward, get into your zone, and remember everyone is there for the same reason, to improve the way they feel and look. Everyone is busy focusing on themselves, so look forward and keep your eyes on the prize.


  1. Download a great music playlist

Some mindset preparation is required before hitting the gym. I like to make myself a great upbeat playlist with dubstep drops, trap music, and edm music to make me feel high-energy. You can also try using apps like Spotify, 8tracks, Apple Music, etc. with pre-set playlists.


  1. Take a pre-workout supplement

Pre-workout supplements have a lot of caffeine in them if you need a boost of energy to get off the couch and hit the gym in the first place, but they can also really help you completely zone into your workout. You can opt for a glass of black coffee, or try one of our recommended pre-workout supplements.


  1. Plan your workout in advance

If you are a new to the gym/weightlifting scene, it is a good idea to pre-plan your workouts so you can go there with a game plan. It will give you one less thing to worry about. You can check bodybuilding.com or you can stay tuned on this site for our workout guide for beginners.



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